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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004
Subject: Bush/Kerry debate protest
From: Robb L.

So, ah, was the [deleted] thing a joke? I assumed that to be the case, but then I wasn’t sure.

me, too. and me, neither.

From: Jessica D.
Subject: I miss it mucho
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004

Aw, what happened to the grass-roots jackbooted Bikini Storm Trooper sector story?

I thought it was brilliant.

Also: hi!

heya. lo siento. some sort of difficulty/ies beyond my ken and beyond my control forced its removal. i hope maybe it can return one day.

Subject: Introducing Nervous Paulvis Eggsley's One-Mad-Man-Band
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004
From: Nervous Paulvis Eggsley

Introducing Nervous Paulvis Eggsley's One-Mad-Man-Band and/or The Blo-Weevils Rockin' Blues Trio

Hello There,
Greetings from jolly olde England, don't you know... what what!!
No we don't really talk like that, but Hi from London anyway...
I go by the stage name of Nervous Paulvis Eggsley's One-Mad-Man-Band
and play what I call
sometimes in drag!!!
a bit like Hasil Adkins meets the Legendary Startstruck Cowgirl!!

I play my Guitar with the string of my Tea-Chest Bass (USA-wash tub bass) and "Play" the Bass-Stick with the Neck of the Guitar, I get both a Rhythm Guitar AND a Bass Sound by doing this and think I am the only person to have even THOUGHT of doing this, let alone perform it!!

I also keep TWO Tambourines inside the bass (one attached to the "playstring"), a Shaky Egg in my "Plunking" hand and "Indian Bells" around my ankles for percussion (oh and sometimes a bass drum and hi-hat with my heel) AND hold a harmonica between my teeth to play, spitting it out to sing and replacing it with another that I have kept concealed in my "Plunkin' Hand" for the lead break.

My sound/style keeps on evolving as I experiment more and more with the number of instruments I can play at the same time and or invent.

I've just come up with the "T-Chest Stick"™ which doesn't need a bass-box as it has it's own pick-up, I can now tie a string around my foot,attach it to the "Stick", plug into an amp and just play the string with the stick balancing on top of my other foot while I bop around the floor in time to the music.

Rather exhausting, but quite entertaining!!

"A fine line between genius and certifiable insanity" according to Professor Mark (Chicken Shack) Jamieson.

I also do a few other mad acts too check out my man of 1000 Elvis' website, or my Frock-a-Jilly Pinks (opp of Blues) Star: Merle Travis-T

Much more seriously though, I have joined a red-hot Rockin' Jump-Blues Trio called the BLO-WEEVILS.

We play mostly original but authentic sounding, rockin' blues tunes ("Raw-Jump Boogie" we call it) and are led by UK harmonica champion, Matt Griffiths, backed up by the guitar of long time blues player Paul Renvoize while I kick up a beat on my custom made percussive Tea-Chest Bass.

Paul Ansell has booked us to play with his Sands band on 24th October at the 100club and we have played at Gaz's Rockin Blues and the Gloucester Blues Festival this year.

Let me know what you think (e.mail to and I'll send you a demo video/cd.

Rockin' Regards

If you know anybody who books Brilliant Rockin' Blues Bands or Weird One-Man? Acts , let em know about me/us or let me know about them... cheers!!

Nervous Paulvis Eggsley

well, there, nervous -- you say a mouthful for a one-man band. i'll pass on the word, you keep the faith.

From: Anna Marie B.
Subject: Mystery Castle
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004

I have a copy of My Mystery Castle. It's missing the cover (was missing when she gave it to me), but is signed by Mary Lou. If anyone is interested in buying it, let me know.

i'm stunned at the thought of someone willingly parting with a personal gift from the incomparable mary lou gulley.

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004
Subject: cd

Hey, was wondering if you can help me. I have a live cd of Deadbolt when they played here in Portland at DV8, was wanting an address of where to send it to them. It's really good recording...thanks! LisaFurr

might be able to manage that. charon's toll: one for hades's archives.

From: gompers
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004

i love yr site. thanks for turnin me on to lydia mendoza.

warms my heart to have the honor. lydia is royal.

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004
From: Bob
Subject: The trouble with Whipped Cream

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- The Federal Communications Commission is said to be preparing to levy a fine of $1 million or more against Fox Broadcasting Co. and its affiliates for running afoul of indecency regulations in April 2003 with an episode of the reality show "Married by America," sources said.

Sources said the content in question involved lascivious banter among "Married" contestants and a segment that involved contestants licking whipped cream off each other's bodies.

This is the most trouble I've ever heard of someone getting into with whipped cream
clearly, you have not perused in its entirety.

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004
From: Sara Johann, J.D.
Subject: Alexy II and Share this with Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Mechelen-Brussels

Please share the attached letter to Alexy II with Cardinal Danneels and provide me with an e mail address for him for future e mails. Thanks!

To Patriarch Alexy II
of the Moscow Patriarchate, Russian Orthodox Church

I write on the occassion of the October 3-8 Bishops Conference of the Russian Orthodox Church to encourage efforts at cordial communication and reunification of the churches. To be more specific, I ask that you invite Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II to make an appearance at said conference and accept his good will gestures to meet with you in Moscow which you have repeatedly and obstinately refused to consider.

I am authoring a book about Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I, whom I expect to be beatified as a saint and martyr for the faith, by Cardinal Walter Kasper after he is consecrated Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. I am also convinced that Metropolitan Nikodim Rotov of the Russian Orthodox Church is a saint and martyr. In my opinion, as a juris doctor, author, and someone who is conducting much research for said book on Luciani, it is possible that John Paul I and Metropolitan Nikodim were murdered to prevent reunification of the churches. BOTH deaths were unexpected, sudden, and inexplicable. Metropolitan Nikodim died in John Paul I's arms at the Vatican on September 5, 1978. Albino Luciani died a few weeks later on September 28 or 29, 1978. Let us show the world that their untimely deaths were not in vain. In the spirit of cooperation they would urge--

It is God's will that the two churches work together in the memory of blessed Metropolitan Nikodim and Pope John Paul I, to unify the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, finding the means to set aside doctrinal and theological conflicts in the interests of peace, justice, and the commandment of Jesus to "love one another".

Patriarch Alexy, you stated such in your August 30, 2004 letter to His Holiness John Paul II, the Pope of Rome, when you said: "The preaching of Christian values to the secularized society will be successful only if all Christians fulfil the Saviour's commandment of love: 'Love one another as I have loved you' (Jn. 13:34)." You also stated that "Good relations between the Russian Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches, which 'the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace' (Is. 9:6) calls us to realize not in words but in deeds, are extremely important for the future of Europe and the whole world." You signed your letter "With love in the Lord". Presuming that you meant all of those words, you should now be willing to invite John Paul II to attend your Synod of Bishops at this time.

If Albino Luciani and Nikodim Rotov were with us today, I believe they would urge the faithful to focus on the belief in one God, end the violence and strife, and stop playing into the hands of Satan and his tactics to divide the people of God. "What is this nonsense!" they would cry. "The churches have lost sight of the enemy: Satan and his unholy demons who stalk the world seeking the ruination of souls. Satan is delighted by the confusion the fighting among the churches creates. Unity relies on one thing, and one concept only---that of belief in one God the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth. We are appalled that representatives of any of the churches would promote such strife and chaos and play into the deception of the Demon. God commands that the violence and the war cease and that peace and justice and tranquility and charity reign upon the Earth."

There is no reason why the churches cannot retain their individuality as diverse peoples and churches yet, together, constitute the communion and the community of the people of God. NO church has the right to exercise temporal authority over ANY land, nation, or territory upon the earth to the exclusion of their fellow believers of other religions and faiths. In that regard, YOU are wrong to deny Future Pope Kasper and Pope John Paul II and the Roman Catholic Church the ability to establish churches in the Russian Republic and to, illogically, especially after your statements made in the letter to the pope, use THAT issue as a stumbling block to continuation of effective relations between the churches. (Although, thank goodness, Cardinal Kasper was successful in the effort to have the two churches establish a joint task force to look at these issues, including the church establishment matter.) Maybe I look at this issue from the perspective of an American who lives in a nation where religions are free to build churches and their faithful can worship as they choose. But, Patriarch Alexy, my family was driven out of Germany in the 1830's by precisely this same issue: they were being denied, by the state and a state promoted church, the right to follow the faith of their choice, and I feel that was wrong.

There is room in our world for all of God's people, whether Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, or other sect. The senseless slaughter of tens of thousands of Orthodox and Roman Catholic (Uniate) peoples, and Jews and others, in the name of religion and God is the most ungodly manner of demonstrating alleged faith in God imaginable, and is most assuredly not countenanced by the God of any of aforesaid faiths! We must, in our modern world, beg pardon of all of those who promoted and caused the slaughter of millions of persons in the supposed name of religion in the history of humankind, and voice spoken recognition that such violence, war, strife, and murder originates not from God or His followers, but from Satan, the Demiurge, and his demonic followers.

I would agree with the Orthodox Church that the concept of Papal Infallibility is theologically invalid. At no point did Jesus make any of his apostles or followers the supreme monarchial head of a worldwide church. His twin brother Thomas became leader of the Church in India. His brother James the Just led the church in Jerusalem. His chosen apostle, the first apostle, Mary Magdalene, and others of the faithful took the faith into the Provence and Languedoc regions of what is now France. Peter established a church in Rome, becoming its first bishop. The examples could go on. Bishop Kallistos (Timothy Ware), who is at the Pembroke College in England, noted that the Orthodox do not accept the First Vatican Council definitions regarding the "infallibility and supreme universal jurisdiction of the Pope" (which, he states, the Second Vatican Council reaffirmed adding a collegiality of the Bishops) was correct to advance the following concept in his book, The Orthodox Church (1993 update).

"We do not believe that, in his teaching ministry, the Pope possesses a special charisma or gift of grace that is not granted to his fellow bishops. We recognize him as first---but only as first among equals. He is the elder brother, not the supreme ruler.

"Surely we Orthodox should be willing to assign to the Pope, in a reunited Christendom, not just an honorary seniority, but an all-embracing apostolic care. We should be willing to assign to him the right, not only to accept appeals from the whole Christian world, but even to take the initiative in seeking ways of healing when crisis and conflict arise anywhere among Christians. We envisage that on such occasions the Pope would act, not in isolation, but always in close cooperation with his brother bishops. We would wish to see his ministry spelt out in pastoral rather that juridical terms. He would encourage rather than compel, consult rather than coerce.

"In 1024 Patriarch Eustathius of Constantinople suggested to Pope John XIX the following forumula, differentiating between the primacy of Rome and that of the Ecumenical Patriarchate: 'Let the Church of Constantinople be called and accounted universal in her own sphere, as Rome is throughout the world.' Might not the Orthodox/Roman Catholic Joint Commission take this as the basis for discussion at some future meeting?" (Ware, p. 316)

I write a book about Pope John Paul I, of blessed memory, and he refused to be crowned in a monarchial fashion and he said to his friend and advisor Don Pattaro that he desired:

"'. . . That a small permanent Sinodo of bishops me conforte with suggestions and adviceso that when the Pope is with the towns and the local Churches it can take the religious, eclesial and pastoral thought expressed and matured by the colegialidad of the bishops.
"In my trips I do not try to disturb or to decrease in way some the autonomy and the authority of the local episcopados ones. I am the older brother of the biships, must a great respect to them, must and want to be in communion of love with them. . .
"The colegialidad between the Pope and the bishops has been confirmed by Concilio. The colegialidad is developed in the national episcopal donferences and through the Sinodo of the bishops.'"

Cardinal Walter Kasper has also stated that the main point of conflict between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches is the issue of the primacy of the Pope. (Patriarch Alexy, you allowed Future Pope Kasper to return the Kazan Icon of our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary, which hung in Pope John Paul II's study for some time, to you in Moscow on August 28, 2004, a little over a month ago. In said same spirit of cordiality, I would wish that the desire of Saint Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, that all of the Russian Republic and the World be consecrated to her in the cause of World Peace, by a joint synod of the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church called by yourself and Pope John Paul II or his successor to be Cardinal Walter Kasper should be carried out in the interest of all humanity.) Cardinal Kasper's view, when he addressed the Aleppo Orthodox community, was summarized, in part, at, which states:

"Cardinal Kasper talked about a 'relecture' of Vatican Council I--- the main handicap in such an approach" (i.e. issue of primacy vs. conciliarity, papacy as a position vs. as an honorific position)--- within an historical reading of the 1st and 2nd millennium, a 'relecture' that can be profitable."

I would comment, expressing solely my own views, that while I understand that the Second Vatican Council reaffirmed the concept of papal infallibility, within limits, said reaffirmation is null and void, as the original passage, by the First Vatican Council in the 1800's was null and void for the reasons which follow, and a void enactment cannot be considered as law within the church. It would be my understanding that the papal infallibility doctrine was passed by the First Vatican Council AFTER the majority of the participating bishops (namely, those who opposed said same concept) had already left the council and were not present to partake in said vote. No quorom existed. No valid number of bishops remained in session. The matter was taken up after most bishops had left the council. In addition, there appear to be allegations that Pio Nono pressured the remaining bishops into adopting the concept which made him "infallible". Such pressure upon a legislative body makes said enactment an object of coercion and also, invalidates the act. I do not even address the many arguments, from religious tradition and history that also go against such a concept. At best, a Pope is one of God's representatives upon the Earth, but a Pope is NOT GOD. Only Jesus (and, if one believes in pre-incarnate appearances of Jesus such as Enoch/Metatron or Melchizedek) is God. Therefore, how can a Pope be infallible? I believe that even popes are uncomfortable with this concept (witness, for example, John Paul I's words, above).

It is equally absurd that the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches are currently fighting over establishment of churches in each others' territories (although, of course, John Paul II did GIVE a church to the Orthodox upon Patriarch Bartholomew's visit this year) and that this issue threatens attempts at reconciliation and unification.

Was not Jesus the founder of both churches? Did the Lord Jesus Christ not say that whereever two people are gathered in His name, he is present? We have chosen to morph such gatherings into formal meeting places now called churches. However, Jesus would not have forbidden any sect of Christian believers from gathering in his name anywhere upon the earth. In oppposing such gatherings, you oppose his word.

God would also be ashamed of His people killing and harming each other supposedly in His name. God commanded: "Thou Shalt Not Kill!" Yet Christians and Jews, Pagans and Non-pagans, Orthodox and Catholics, Christians and Muslims, and various other sects, have spent the history of humanity slaughtering each other over religious differences, contrary to the Word of God. So-called "heretics" have been murdered in the name of God. Such murder is a work of Satan, not God.

Apologies have been made, and more are needed. The churches must begin anew to trust and respect each other and all people of God in order to establish a peaceful, just, and better world.

John Paul II, in a visit to the Ukraine, asked the Orthodox Church to forgive wrongs committed against them by Catholics. He beatified 27 Soviet-era martyrs in a ceremony in the City of Lviv and paid tribute to those who had been killed or suffered for their faith, stating that "the land of Ukraine is drenched with blood of martyrs".

Cardinal Walter Kasper, in Aleppo, reminded us that "'If we are longing for the full communion, still all our efforts cannot 'make' unity, since it is the work of the Holy Spirit, the spirit of unity, of peace and prayer . . .'" He added that it is "also the spirit of forgiveness and mutual love, remembering the infamy caused by the Crusaders to Constantinople in 1204, eight hundred years ago." (

On a similar theme, John Paul I, Albino Luciani, stated that the Jews did not kill God, "The Hebrews are not deicidas". He said:

"If Christ Sir gives life me, if I have the force, the right light and the right consents, I think to summon a representation of bishops worldwide for an act of penance, humility, repair, peace and love of the universal Church, to repeat every year by the Pope and bishops in the local churches, the Good Friday. We Christian them have sinned against Hebrew the our brothers in God and Abraham; we have ignored them and slandered during centuries. The

Hebrews are not deicidas. In the historical plane only some were it and have a name. The accusation is theologically infundada and morally unjust . . . We have to request to God that pardons east sin to us. . . . To confess the historical faults of the Church is

humility sign and really, sign of hope in a future is better. . . . The Church recognizing itself pecadora in its men and their institutions deplores with humility the difficult and painful moments of its way in history, like tristisima Inquisicion and the tristisimos times of the Temporary Power of the Popes."

I would suggest that there are ways to establish unity among the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches without destroying or compromising either church. Among these are:

1. Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras lifted the anathemas of the excommunications of the Great Schism of 1054 with authorization of synods of bishops of both churches.

2. Have the Pope call the Third Vatican Council to, among many other projects, declare the concept of papal infallibility null and void.

3. Admit that there are no heretics to kill in the name of religion (unless you want to count Satan and his demons who, unlike the members and leaders of the churches, truly broke away from God).

4. Open your hearts to concepts of freedom of religion and trust that in doing so, God's people will live better, more peaceful, more just lives.

5. Recognize that commonality of faith far outweighs theological or conceptual differences. (For example, Cardinal Kasper stated, in the words of the reporter covering said meeting, at a meeting which included the Orthodox Pope Shenouda III, that "Catholic and Oriental Orthodox faithful are united in the same faith in the Triune God and in the Savior Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God, that they venerate in common the Blessed Virgin Mary and that they share as common fathers and teachers of the Church, Saint Athanasius and Saint Cyril of Alexandria." ( Kasper also told Radio Free Europe that there are many ways in which the Vatican and the Moscow Patriarchate can benefit from cooperation. He said: "We want to overcome the prejudices and misunderstandings between the different churches, and there is much to do for reconciliation and cooperation."

6. The war and violence and hatred and strife and poverty and injustice and greed which abounds in the world must, in the name of God, cease. This is the common ground among all religions which should guide reconciliation efforts across the world.

It is absolute nonsense for YOU to refuse to allow Pope John Paul II to visit you in Peredelkino and it is nonsense for the churches to fight over allowing people to worship as they please across the earth. God would not want such conflict. You should be glad that people want to worship God, not oppose their desire to worship.

Patriarch Alexy, you need to invite Pope John Paul II to join you at the Synod of Bishops.

I would remind you that Angelo Roncalli, who later became Pope John XXIII, when he was a papal representative in Bulgeria, in 1925, attended the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church. Rome, erroneously and unfortunately, viewed this as a scandal and demanded to know what he was doing. What he was, in fact, doing, was expressing love for his fellow brothers in the Lord, which is what the representatives of the present Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church need to do in his wonderful memory and to carry out the will of God. Roncalli wrote to his friend (later cardinal) Gustavo Testa, and I conclude with, his words:

". . . what have I done wrong? They are bishops as we are. They are priests as we are. Their sacraments are as valid as our sacraments. They believe in one God as we do. They honor the Mother of God as We do. And if from the law of Gospel I must love my enemy, can I not also love these my brothers?"

With Best Regards,

Sara Johann, J.D.

cc: Pope John Paul II,
c/o Cardinal Walter Kasper

From: Rabbi Moshe Yess
Subject: RATES
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004



m. yESS

warm, rabbi. bongos are go.
oh, yeah: mmmmmmmm. yesssssss.

Subject: big boy trivia
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004
From: Matthew T.

been reading the site for a while. love it. great pictures of detroit. like a moonscape, but with parking meters.

anyhow, the about the big boy graveyard.

you may already be aware, but there is a john prine album (i think it was Bruised Orange, but not sure) that had john standing in what i think is the same place. might be a fun thing to have on the site. the album is no longer in my posession - worn from my hands by the grind of time - but perhaps you could track it down.

i think he probably picked the spot because of the name of his record company - Oh Boy Records.

thx for all the great work on the site. tacos for all who make it happen.

we do like of the tacos.

couldn't find any john prine big boy photos. little help, out there?

From: Pheelthephlow
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004
Subject: help answer this ques please!!!

In Nothing Arizona, how exactly would you categorize the mart there? Is it a gas station and towing place, or maybe a mart of all things? Help please!

i wouldn't exactly call it a mart. they have some candy bars & gum & such. they tow. they might work on cars. i don't know about gas. why? (and i don't mean why, arizona.)
I entered the Out Wit the West contest for Marlboro and the questions are ridiculous. The specific one I asked you about goes:

"Just because they live in Nothing doesn't mean
they can live on nothing. So to earn something,
these folks work at what thing?"

So I figured part of it out, but no one seems to be able to answer this ques. This one and many others. They are almost impossible to answer. But thanx for asking and trying to help what you gave me will hopefully help find the correct answer. Thanx for the interest in why I asked you.

Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004
From: new andria mexico
Subject: Simiana.

What proves that you aren't Simiana, Monkey Bellydancer?


Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004
From: Cardhouse Broadcasting Services GmbH
Subject: dude.

you totally wrote on the flag.

you wrote. on the flag.

flag. wrote.


when i wore it to the movies last week i commented that i completely expected someone to say that to me. no one did.

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004
Subject: yo Deuce & Babs

hi guys -

I just got done plowing through the endless Deuce of Spades site. Quitehilarious.

there used to be a deuce of spades site, actually. it ripped off certain elements of deuce of clubs. that site now seems, happily, to be defunct.
Deuce of Spades - hahahah ! Sorry dude, I think I got messed up thinking about Motorheads 'ace of spades'.
i saw a guy with a blank stare absently wandering the aisles of fry's electronics the other week wearing a "PRAISE LEMMY" t-shirt. he looked exactly like what i would've expected a guy wearing a "PRAISE LEMMY" t-shirt to look like.
I bet he actually looked a bit like Lemmy.
he should have been so lucky.
Sorry I missed you guys when you were in town, looks like you had some fun though.
we certainly did. detroit is an amazing place.
I too have a little momento of the Big Boy graveyard [...]
wish we hadn't had to fly back, or we'd have tried to hijack an entire bob.
I added your link to my site.
muchas gracias, amigo. loved your belle isle photos and the rouge river esplanade photo.

From: Ross D-C.
Subject: Hot linking
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004


I greatly enjoyed your article about hotlinking, and your way of dealing with it.

danke. wish the .htaccess method would work, but it cuts off way too many people who have their browsers set not to send referrer info.
I've just got a simple question really – I use IIS and am looking for a log analyser that can drill down and give details on hotlinked images and such – is there one you recommend?
sorry, no. i don't know a thing about IIS. i only find out about hotlinked images via my referrer logs, which aren't even very good.

Subject: yet more scary stuff out there
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004
From: Kurt J.

I am a fan of your site and various postings. You seem like a "Web savvy" type, as are many of your readers (viewers? visitors?) I’m sure.

Anyway, here in Colorado, there is a story on the news about a label called Panzerfaust Records which is planning a thing called Operation Schoolyard USA where they are going to distribute thousands of White power, racist CDs to teenagers and school kids to recruit them. Curious about this, I Googled "panzerfaust" and, sure enough, their site is right there at the top.

Now, of course they certainly have the right to espouse any kind of hatred or whatever that they want on there,



but just in the interest of a li’l humor it sure would be great if some diabolically clever hackers stuck a couple of Black-Eyed Peas or Fugees T- shirts in with the Hitler T-shirts, maybe a nice ad for Manischewitz or something over by the Hitler Youth knives…ah well, these certainly are "interesting times."
reverse shoplifting would be the tactique juste (if i may clumsily borrow from the french here, who surely won't mind in this (anti-germanic) case) and can be a lot of fun. take a look at the graceland reverse shoplifting adventure of my pal dr cliff, the evil dentist.
I don’t know any clever hackers but that site sure makes me wish I did……

Anyway, love your site, I wasn’t sure if you had heard about this Panzerfaust stuff or not.

i hadn't. colorado area anti-racist reverse shoplifters, unite! then, um, disperse! yeah! go ye forth and reverse shoplift the hell out of those morons.

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004
From: Kurt J.

In the case of these Operation Schoolyard mofos, I guess if you could stick some rappers, Public Enemy and old Allan Sherman (Hello muddah, hello faddah...) recordings into their CD cases that would be the best of tricks.

hope some people follow up on your suggestions.
Hopefully their little operation doesn't have the funds to spring for shrinkwrapping them any more than they have the mental real estate to use Spellcheck on their site.

Somehow it is a little reassuring in a way to see those typos, though.

then again, i'm told that the german grammar in mein kampf isn't the greatest, but unfortunately, that didn't seem to impede the progress of its author.

From: Laurie M.
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004

my last visit to doc led me to detroit trip and I loved it!!

From: melinda
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004

ooo! i read the detroit story on your site this morning. who knew detroit was so interesting? not me!

nor did i, till i went there
apparently you & babs did. she is so cute.
she is that & more
i adore her mrs. brady sunglasses. very chic. when i wore contacts I was a maniac for offensive eyewear, but now that I have glasses i'm limited to "the flippers" ... you know, the clip-on flip-up sunglasses that old people wear? they're fun, but ... it's not the same.
any high-desert makers of glasses you could perhaps befriend?

From: Jabeen Naqvi
Subject: mormon osmonds plan
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004

re your article on 'The Plan' and the message that the Osmonds wanted to hear-- did you know Kaukab means 'star' in Arabic...

'therefore Kolob is the greatest of all the Kokaubeam that thou hast seen, because it is nearest unto me.'

...but, more importanly, did you realise that 'kolob' spelt backwards reads 'bolok'

yes. somewhere on the site i have a sex pistols parody cover "never mind the boloks, here's kolob." but of course, i can't find it.
...'therefore Bolok is the greatest of all the Kokaubeam that thou hast seen, because it is nearest unto me.'


thanx for the expo.... sadly I was an Osmonds fan too.

i am glad to hear of your was.

From: Quincunx
Subject: Broken link (and kudos)
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004

I thoroughly enjoyed your Excellent Active Super Amusive Play pages, which I found via a link from Cardhouse. I thought it might be best to alert you to a link that doesn't seem to go where you likely want it to go. (Or maybe you *do* want it to go there, in which case, so be it.)

At the bottom of [this page] the link to go to the next page points to [this] -- but logic would dictate it should point to [this] instead.

[web historians of the utopian hyper-critical future please note: this link has now been fixed.]
Thanks for the diversion. (Not the accidental link diversion, but the pages' contents.)
always pleased to provide either.

From: Kim S.
Subject: That weird ferret chick
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004

I dunno if you remember me or not (yeah, I'm sure you've been waiting to hear from me for the last couple years)...but I am the person who sent you the doggie sanitary belt and the little ferret hat, as well as a few Whip albums.

Anyhow, I was just checking out your site and I wanted to say hi, and let you know that I am still torturing my ferrets with hats, as well as feeding them odd things. I'm attaching a couple of pics, one of my old ferret DoppelHammy wearing a sombrero on cinco de mayo, and another of him saving the world from an invasion of flatmice.

Seriously, he loves to eat flatmice, but they weren't any type of global threat. They are usually pretty well behaved in their ziplock prisons, living in pods of fifty in my freezer. And they aren't usually flat either.

nice photo. a friend of mine just bought a real mariachi sombrero & it doesn't look any more finely detailed than the hamster one.
I'm off to check your wish list and see if I can't gift you with anymore oddities. I'm glad to see you finally got your oddly hippiesh and slightly scary as it is.
muchas gracias.
yes, oobi is scary. but remember oobi is also love. or luv. or lurve. something of that sort.
LOL if you say so, oobi looks a lot like a whipworm egg under magnification when I check stool samples at work, so maybe oobi is larve.

:) I'm glad your friend and Doppels can be sombrero twins. They should go out for margaritas or something.

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004
From: Kelly P.
Subject: wilco


I was just noticing that Wilco appears to be fans of your site.

i've noticed their link from my referrer logs. coolio.
Is the admiration mutual? Just curious.
i can't say i've heard a lot of wilco, but i like what i've heard. and anyone who covers daniel johnston has something okay in their heart.
I don't know about their new stuff, I really like AM & Being There. I visit your site fairly often, but was kind of surprised to see the link to it on the Wilco site.

Keep up the good work!
Kelly =)

muchas gracias.

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