Wagner says "Hawaii and/or Bust!" Wig (that's me) and Moondoggy help him out.
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Waikiki: The Gathering Place
Thou Art Lyman
Pipe Masters: In Shane Dorian's Hands
Maui No Ka Oi
Surfing: Xtreme Wagner

First, we had to pass agricultural inspection and the dubious study of airport authorities. Luckily for Wagner, the Honolulu International officials are quite friendly. They even let me snap a photo of his x-ray.
1970 airport sculpture
Wagner admires a vibrant piece of airport art, then does his best to show the scale of "Sol III," 1970 by Mamoru Sato(painted resin & fiberglass). W = 1 foot.
Kemana-wana-lei-u. The professionals at "Greeters of Hawaii" provide Wagner with what he's been waiting for... a beautiful silken lei. Our greeter said, "He seem to smile. He be happy now!"
paradise found

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