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We spent the afternoon through the next morning at the future headquarters of Deuce of Clubs.
Wagner and shadowy self-portrait.
"Of some spot of earth one may feel that one would like it if one could really see or really know it. Here, one may say, I should like to stay for a month, or a year, or a decade. It could give something to me and I, perhaps something to it -- if only some sort of love and understanding. More rarely -- perhaps only once, perhaps two or three times -- one experiences something more like love at first sight. The desire to stay, to enter in, is not a whim or a notion but a passion. Verweile doch, du bist so schon! If I do not somehow possess this, if I never learn what it was that called out, what it was that was being offered, I shall feel all my life that I have missed something intended for me. If I do not, for a time at least, live here I shall not have lived as fully as I had the capacity to live."

Joseph Wood Krutch, The Desert Year

The view the other way.

Somebody's big, fat head is blocking the sun. DOWN IN FRONT!

Thank you.
Ahhh ... away from the things of man...
That night I stepped away from camp to commune with nature, and as I communed, I heard what sounded like antlers tangling, as when two bucks fight. This was followed by a thudding crash.

I yelled back to let Molly know I was okay. I knew what had happened...