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As we drove to the carwash, it quickly became obvious that everyone (except us) knew about the Buzzard Tree, and therefore everyone could see where we had been foolish enough to park. "You parked under the Buzzard Tree! You parked under the Buzzard Tree!"

This woman was especially funny, pointing at us with a horrified expression on her face.

"You parked under the Buzzard Tree!

You parked under the Buzzard Tree!"

Photo by Molly
Not even suds & soap were able to get rid of the smell of buzzard. Nor even all the white spots. That stuff should be used as super glue. On another planet.

(I will gladly offer any of the Buzzard Tree photos to the city of Bisbee, for the making of a warning plaque to be erected on the building next to the Buzzard Tree.)

Update, 11/2000:

Well, the city of Bisbee didn't take me up on my offer, so I made a sign myself, and nailed it up below the Buzzard Tree. (Yes, I know they are in fact turkey vultures -- but what kind of ring would "You parked under the Turkey Vulture Tree!" have had?)

Photo by ... DoC operative

Photo by ... DoC operative
As I was deciding where to nail up the sign, the owner of the deserted Arctic Circle building wanted to know what I was doing there. I told her I'd just come from the Chamber of Commerce, and that satisfied her. (It was true -- that's where I borrowed the hammer.) She didn't care that I was putting up the sign, because it would make a good replacement for the NO PARKING sign that had gone missing some time before.
It didn't take long for the sign to attract attention -- in fact, there is apparently a buzzard-welcoming festival now in the works for March, 2001. Nope, I'm not kidding.