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Okay, time for the big white & black upside-down rectangular thing story.

(If you said, "Finally!" you are PAYING TOO MUCH ATTENTION.)

One day in an alley (shuddup, it's on the way to the post office), I found a couple of cigarette machines. I came back with a truck and loaded them up, with the help of a small, but surprisingly strong friend, and brought them back for immediate Deuce-ification.
Here's the same machine, after a day in the Deuce of Clubs candy machine chop-shop.

Note: it takes a LOT of coats of white paint to cover dark objects.

(Note to self: didn't you used to have a rule about painting dark objects white?)

Where the good stuff comes out.
The all-important Corporate Branding.
Idiotic and pointless candy cigarette box button.