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In response to their D.O.C. Vending Machine Free Bonus Crap, people left all sorts of things inside the Analog Answering Machine.

No idea who Christi Lake is, but we cherish her autograph with appropriate ... cherishnessness. The dark sticker is hard to read, but says, "L'il Pork Chop says, `Even the Frenchies eat meat." That was from "Rob the Wop," who made amazing ciopino one night. Dunno how the Factsheet Five blurb got in there. The kitten thing is something Max took from the net. She made one alteration -- on the net, "masturbate" was spelled correctly. Nice going, Maxie! "YOUR" all right!

If God kills a kitten as punishment for masturbation, what is this punishment for? Being two-faced?

One woman was giving these buttons out. She had three different buttons. "We." "Are." "God."


Not being given to Shirley Maclaine-ism, or excessive rudeness (believe it or not), a choice was called for. No desire for a "God" button manifested itself, and "We" was just too Zamyatin in an already all-too-Zamyatin society, so "Are" became the path of least resistance.

If only someone had been inspired to burn The Man early with one of these ...