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The Cokesbury Stunt Book:
600 Stunts for All Gay Occasions

by Arthur M. Depew

[Warning: these "stunts" -- actually, stunted attempts at humor -- may tend to offend.]


A very exciting stunt may be put over by having two negro waiters run into each other and have a few sharp words. Let one draw a razor and throw it at the other one, and have the other take out a pistol, with blank cartridges, and shoot the waiter with the razor. He falls as if he had been killed, while the other one runs into the kitchen. This will create a lot of excitement and bring a good laugh when it is learned that it is a joke.


The following stunt would be a good one to use either at a luncheon or banquet. It was very cleverly used by a Florida Civic Club in entertaining the New England delegation en route to the International Convention in Miami. There are three persons; one of them dresses up in clerical garb like a Catholic priest; and if the stunt is worked by a local club, one should be selected who is an active worker in the Catholic church. Another character should be a typical Jew whose features portray his ancestry. The last is a very black Negro. Secure from the K.K.K. three robes and hoods.

During the luncheon one of the members comes in and whispers something to the president, and he gets up and tells the club that a delegation has asked to appear before the club for a few moments and that he has decided that they might have the privilege. When they enter, however, with their masks on, the president arises again and says that he did not know that the delegation was masked and that he will have to ask them to unmask before they can speak. First, have the one who represents the Catholic priest unmask and say a few words about the K.K.K. and the principles for which it stands, and urge all to take advantage of the membership drive. After he has finished, the Jew unmasks and makes a little talk, using Jewish dialect. He might stress the importance of the commercial side of it. The merchants might be able to get the concession for selling the cloth for the robes. The big laugh comes, however, when the Negro unmasks and makes a plea for all to line up with the Klan.


If you have a member who is bald-headed and emaciated, dress him up with a loin cloth and perhaps a sheet wrapped around him, and introduce him as Mahatma Gandhi. He should have one or two attendants or secretaries along with him and should be accompanied by his goat. It will be found that the goat will become frightened and will interrupt his speech by bleating. The committe should arrange a series of questions to ask him about the United States Government or about local political conditions and have him answer these questions. This will create a lot of funny situations.


A good stunt is to pick out some bashful member of the club. Prearrange with the best-looking waitress to turn around and say to him, "You quit putting your hands on me every time I pass." He perhaps will answer back and apologize and try to explain, and she will perhaps have to reply so that all will catch what she said. If the club members do not all catch on to the fact that it is a joke, it may be necessary to explain it.