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Instead of making camp, I talked on the phone. Next to arrive was Tecopa Jane, who drove up as I spoke to Livi in Salt Lake. Livi had planned to make the trek, but had been stopped by auto trouble. (She would not be the first.)

Jane's an artist / cartoonist -- here's her excellent rendering of Josephine Baker.

It was cold, cold, cold. Apparently an Alaskan air mass had been pushed down the coast. Jane set up her tent & I slept in the back of the pickup, under a tarp and three sleeping bags. Around three in the morning, I awoke to hear voices. I emerged from my cocoon to see Krishna and Mark Simple, who had left the Bay Area around 7 or so in the evening. I told them, "At first I thought you were just random goofs. Then I realized you had to be specific goofs."

I was very sleepy.

And cold. If I'd been a convict on the run, I'd have turned myself in for a cup of hot soup. I was somewhat warmed just knowing that we'd already broken last year's Booth Attendance Record by one.

But not warm enough. "Anyone got a match? I'm going to light myself on fire." I was still very sleepy. I crawled back under my tarp, which rained condensation on my head, and tried to get back to sleep.

Photo by Tecopa Jane
When the sun came up, it was sign dedication time. I had brought along a real estate sign, left over from when my parents bought their house almost thirty years ago. It had sat in their backyard ever since. I painted it yellow and brought more paint so that I could make a nice Mojave Phone Booth sign that might dissuade people from firing any more gunshots at it.
Jane's an artist, so I figured it was better to let her handle the artistic stuff. I hope the message works. Maybe people will shoot the sign, instead.