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Wag'n da Nooge

A certain Phoenix bookstore has been the site of many Wagner-celebrity collisions: Dan Quayle, Jamie Leigh Curtis, even Amy Grant's Mandible. A couple of days ago, to that list was added a heavy-metal-guitar-hunter-gatherer guy: Ted Nugent.

Some consider Wagner's music heavy. Anyone who carries him around quickly comes to consider Wagner himself heavy. Whichever, Wagner sure does end up loading it up on the metal men (uno  dos   tres). Why? Mystery. But here's another:

Mrs. Madman appears to be contemplating a duplication of Lori Petty's Valkyrian tongue trick.

Whom have we to thank for this latest metalfest?, of course -- q.v. for a full account of the goings-on. [Link defunct, lo siento]

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