We were pretty early. No Jamie Lee. Nothing to do but wait and shoot photos. Harrass bystanders, security, whoever. There were some scary stalker-types there. Even scarier than the Wagner contingent.

Some rah-rah radio station dorkhead was working the crowd with lame trivia questions, every one of which Babs answered with "HALLOWEEN!!" Except when the guy asked, "What was Jamie Lee's nickname in the 80s?" Crowd silence. "You know . . . " he prompted, " . . . she was the Queen of something . . . ?" Babs shouted "Queen . . . OF YOUR ASS!!!"
One of the security no-necks saw Babs' digital camera and told her there would be no photos. If she took a photo, he warned, he would "push" her.

One of the women in charge of the event delivered the same kind of warning. Except for the pushing part.