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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 98
From: Dr. Brody Culpepper
To: Mark, Rusty, Deuce
Subject: Con-fluence

Hey explorers,

I've got the topo maps for the next two confluences, and both are EZ as pie, if you forget a few hitches. The one in Concord is in the middle of the Concord Naval Weapons Station, a high-security facility that contains nuclear weapons. However, the confluence appears to be right on the public road that transects the facility. But, taking pictures with military installations on either side may be a bit tricky.

The Tracy confluence is right in the middle of Redneck California, but also easily accessable. Apparently this rural road actually follows the line of longitude that we seek, so it is also easariffic to get to.

Wear golf attire, bring clubs and flags. I like the idea of a "confluence golf". Bring chips to hog, halloween candy, and a stash of scotch to sip when we make the hole-in-one.


Vasco de Brody, international thrillseeker.