I sent an e-mail to Deadbolt's 3rd Degree Burns, detailing my plan:

Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998
To: deadbolt
From: deuce of clubs
Subject: bar deluxe

hey 3D -- deuce here

listen, just wanted to make sure your bar deluxe gig for this friday is legit, cos if it is, i'll be there. in fact, i've got an idea for a stage bit you might be interested in foisting upon the suckers. i have to shave my head b4 labor day, so i'm thinking that after harley goes into his usual anti-hippie tirade from the stage, one of you guys could suddenly spot me in the crowd, drag me onstage, and shear my head. i think a little stage blood would add a nice touch of that kick-your-ass-by-the-bikeracks-after-school authenticity.

now i gotta say here that even though i haven't cut my hair in years, i ain't NEVER been no hippy. i think that needs to be clearly understood by anyone who might be dragging any kind of cutting implement over my skull.


3D's response arrived the next day:

From: Deadbolt
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998
To: deuce
Subject: Re: bar deluxe

Hey Deuce,

Yeah we'll be there!.......and we'll have the giant Voodoo Scissors all ready to go! We can talk about a game plan when we get there!

See ya there!

3rd Degree

The stage set, I set out for Hollywood.