Deadbolt / El Vez Weekend
We spent the night at Brody's parents' place. We were getting to bed just as they were leaving for a swap meet in Santa Barbara or somewhere. They sell lots of things, including rocks packaged with postcards. (I had to have this one, because of the Mojave connection.)

I had an odd dream about the Eiffel Tower. I remember I was saying something about " . . . that pile of scaffolding they call a Tower." Upon awakening, I finished up the headshave job. Brody said, "Looks like you got it all. But what's this 666 doing back here?"
The Culpepper family raises a small menagerie.
Both of their llamas are male, which one would think would make it difficult to breed llamas. Brody says his father's answer was that "males are cheaper."
Some weird bird considered Wagner a threat.