Our server at the Wheel Inn was really, really cool -- just what you want in a truck stop waitress. She's been working at the Wheel for years, knows all her customers by name, and, having moved, now commutes 60 miles to work each day.
Here's our server (at left), with the owner of the Wheel Inn, who urged us to commit mayhem on the restaurant interlopers next door. ("You don't know who you're talking to, here," I warned her.)

You can just make out one of the waterbags, above the head of the owner.

Water Bag
I had two questions for her. The first question was, what were the bags of water nailed to the ceiling for? She said it was supposed to keep the flies away. (It appeared to be working that day, anyhow.) My second question was, How many times a day does someone ask her about Pee Wee Herman? "So far today -- ONCE!" she said.
I asked our server what was the weirdest thing anyone ever asked her about Pee Wee. "Well, once someone asked me to take their camera back into the kitchen and take a picture of the sink where Pee Wee did the dishes!"
That got me thinking, so when she came back, I asked her to take Wagner back to the sink for a photo. She was reluctant at first, but soon got into the spirit.

Turned out nice, don't you think?