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Three Card Monte

(Richard Gabourie, Chris Langevin, Lynne Cavanagh, Valerie Warburton, John Rutter (not John Ritter, the actor)


Bad movie. Bad, BAD movie.

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In the movies, Deuce of Clubs cards seem to be stuck with criminals and cons. No exception here. Three Card Monte is a poor man's Paper Moon: the old con-man-hooks-up-with-ostensibly-cute-kid movie. Only the kid is a boy, not Tatum O'Neal. Though he does have Tatum O'Neal's haircut. "Stories confuse me," says the con man protagonist. He's lucky to be in this movie, which doesn't have a story. It does have some snappy-ass dialogue, though. Here are some sterling examples:

    "I ain't got but a deuce!" [talking about money]

    Protagonist wins a Mustang in a billiards hall, and as he exits with the keys, he says, "Look at it this way, fellas: some days it's chicken salad, some days it's chicken shit!"

    Kenny: You let this guy make me look like horse manure. I don't like looking like horse manure. Nobody likes looking like horse manure. Do you like looking like horse manure?"
    Other guy: No. Aw, leave it, Kenny. Forget it.
    Kenny: Forget it? Horse shit!

    "This coffee tastes like panther piss."

    Jonathan Richman-sounding lounge singer: "C'mon, don't give me the nine of hearts -- come up & sing it with me!"



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