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The King Becomes a Deuce


(Many thanks to Cupcake, who was at some street fair and some girl was handing out Elvis cards and gave her the Ace of Hearts, so Cupcake asks for the Deuce of Clubs, and the girl says, well, I gave it out already, to this guy, and then points him out, cos he's like still walking away, so Cupcake chases after him and the guy says, I don't have the Deuce of Clubs, and then this other guy says, I have the Deuce of Clubs, but I'll take the card you have, and then you take her Ace of Hearts and give her the Deuce of Clubs. I probably got that all wrong, I'm just mangling what Max told me on the phone. But at any rate, as I say, many thanks to Cupcake.)

(See also Deuce becomes a King)



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