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Splendor in the Grass

(1961; Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner)


DJ 'tine writes:

i'm off tomorrow to scandanavia...

...and i think i have a cinematic "deuce of clubs" spotting...

it's in the film splendor in the grass with natalie wood... it appears towards the end of the film, during about the last 15 minutes... the scene starts with her returning home from the mental hospital and she's walking down the stairwell of her parents' home to meet with her friends... natalie is wearing a lovely white satin dress with a matching wide brim hat... she asks her friends to take her to see "Budd," her ex boyfriend... everyone is silent.. but her father, who's playing solitare, pipes up and says that budd is living on his father's old ranch.... if you look to the pile (suit) of cards to the left side of the table.. a deuce of clubs should be visible..

happy hunting... i'll send ya a postcard...!

see ya in about 10 days!

later daddy-0,

It may actually be a Deuce of Spades, played on the Ace of Spades.

But thanks to dj 'tine for the tip, nonetheless.



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