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A Big Hand for the Little Lady

(1966; Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward, Jason Robards)


Anonymous Donor writes:

"This film is about a poker game. At first this movie was annoying. The cowboys were just a little too excited about the backroom poker game and kept pesterin good ole Same about who be a winnin. The cowboys are a little too excited period. Maybe they were drinkin that new fangled product Coca Cola which originally had cocaine in it if I remember my soft drink history. But thankfully the movie then focuses more on the poker game in the backroom and there are only periodic showings of the bounce off the wall gang. This movie gets better and better throughout. I ended up enjoying this movie. This movie has a surprise ending!"

Anonymous Donor chooses:

Memorable Movie Lines:

Chester: Luisa have her baby?
Doc: It's a false alarm. I gotta get back there tonight again.
Chester: That's a lot of ridin just for one baby.
Doc: Well, their mare's in foal too so I come in double handed. I just hope they both arrive at the same time.

Ben the undertaker: I hate women.
Otto: I believe ya, you buried enough of um.
Ben: Sure I did. I put em back where they belong.

Anonymous Donor chooses:

More Memorable Movie Lines:

Poker player annoyed that Henry Fonda collapsed from heart problem, disrupting the game: "A man's gonna die, there ain't nothing we can do about it so I aim to finish this pot here and now."

Future Father-In-Law: "Why is Cely marrying you?"
Future Son-In-Law: "Um, because she love..."
[Cuts him off] Future Father-In-Law: "Because she is homely as a lemon and just as sneaky as her old lady."



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