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"I Shit My Pants":
Spontaneous Ancient Literary Structure in Modern Colloquial Speech

by Clark Cooley, Ph.DL.DD.

Part VII: Submissions

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Our first submission comes from DJ RobbL. It is a preliminary piece (an "Early Demo"), a fragment foreshadowing its eventual expansion into a more detailed exploration ("Feces and Fecundity").

Download DJ Robb's "Feces and Fecundity"

Update, 04jan2005: DJ RobbL has made "Feces and Fecundity (First Impression)" available for study.

Update, 11apr2005: For all you fans of 24-Hour Party People, DJ RobbL adds "Feces and Fecundity: The Manchester Mix)."

Next, Steve Dirkx, who brought you the wildly popular mashup masterpiece The Butcher's Covers, brings you the Sly Stone-ized, Shirley Jones-ish, "I Shit My Funky Pants."

Download Steve Dirkx's "I Shit My Funky Pants, Balzac"

23apr2005 -- Karl Scholz offers an alt-speed remix: "I Shit My Pants (Karl's dubby house mix)".

24jun2005 -- Author-about-town Meghann Marco switches the dials to "I Shit the Lite FM." ("It's awful," says Meghann. "Enjoy.")

16sep2008 -- Krishna offers the Napoleonic "They're Coming to Take My Shit Pants Away".

(If you would like to submit creative work -- in whatever format -- aimed at contributing toward deeper understanding and appreciation of the present subject, please visit our Call for submissions page for instructions on downloading the source file)


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