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[Excerpts from the article:]

As the search for the body of [ ] comes to the close of its first week, Tempe police are still optimistic they will complete the first successful landfill search for a homicide victim. The 18 search officers have been working quickly through the last four days, sifting through more than 200 tons of garbage . . .

While searchers were told to expect a "smell you will never forget," Lind said that deterrent has not been what they initially anticipated. As the days have passed without additional rain, the smell and stagnant condition of the landfill has not been pleasant . . .

Fulginetti said there is no way to know the condition [ ]'s body will be in when officers find her. "We may find her in a nice little bundle," she said.

Lind said officers are upbeat and confident that their efforts to find the woman, whose children reportedly admitted to putting her in a garbage container behind their Tempe home after finding her dead in bed on Sept. 21 . . .

In an effort to keep spirits high in the landfill-turned-crime scene, officers have begun to find "rake buddies" -- old toys found in the trash that are taped to their rakes. Lind said the number of rake buddies increases as the days pass.

(According to a Deuce of Clubs informant whose sister is working at the site, everything in the landfill ends up pressed together into a grey muck -- much like what a corpse would look like, in fact. The only things in the landfill that are recognizable are these kids' toys, she says. "It's about staying sane in a really gross environment. I mean, we're digging through a garbage dump looking for a corpse.")
Rake Buddies

Tempe police find interesting ways to cope with revulsion.

(Article from Arizona State University's State Press, 30oct98; Rake Buddy photo from Arizona Republic, 28oct98.)