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Things That Are Shaped Like Other Things
(Part I)
The first time I saw this billboard (at ArtCarFest98, in San Francisco), I thought I was seeing Wahoo, the mascot of the Cleveland Indians.
space Here's Wahoo. The Cleveland Indians' management claims their team name isn't meant to be demeaning.

They've put up an explanatory web page on the subject.

I dunno. You make the call.

Interestingly, the billboard in the photograph was at Indian School Road & I-17. (April, 1999)

(More Bay Area Wahoo)

Is there a resemblance? As long as you're making calls here, you can make that one, too.

Update, 04jan2006: I keep seeing the illustration below on the side of this one convenience store's coffee cups. It gets a double-take from me every time. Squint—you'll see what I mean:

I mean, okay, the color's not there so much in the photo. But do what Peter Lorre says. Squint. SQWEEEEENT, YOU!