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Just Another Year in the Twentieth Century

Today is January 1, 2000, and I am sick of hearing about the so-called "Millenium."

I am also sick of the idiotic city leaders of Tempe, Arizona.

In the first place, a "millenium" is a completely made-up entity, corresponding to nothing in nature.

The twenty-first century does not begin until NEXT year.

This is not difficult to figure out. In most minds, however, truth cannot compete with hype.

This is especially true of the tiny minds of pandering politicians.

The main street through Tempe used to be called Mill Avenue, named after the flour mill founded on the bank of the Rio Salado by Arizona pioneer Carl Hayden. Now the city leaders have sold out Tempe's formerly colorful downtown, driving out longtime independent merchants in favor of soulless corporate outfits such as Starbucks, McDonald's, The Gap, Crocodile Cafe, and Hooters.

And they're damned proud of having done it.

Worst of all, they are making a hotel or apartment complex out of Carl Hayden's old mill, as part of their "Tempe Town Lake" boondoggle.

Perhaps, then, it's not surprising that they re-named Mill Avenue "Millenium Avenue." They don't have enough sense to preserve the past, how can they be expected to know when a millenium begins?