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Nazi Arithmetic

More like: "Nazi madman, 111, targets journalists who can't add."


Inside, the Sun defends its arithmetic by claiming that Hitler lied about his age in order to get into World War One.


What we can't figure is why a 99-year-old man would be that much more frightening than a 111-year-old one.

Next, we have a Weekly World News from ten years ago (18 September 1990). According to the WWN, the 100-year-old Fuhrer (actually, he would have been 101 at the time) had resurfaced to aid Saddam Hussein, instead of today's Hitler Help Recipient (according the the Sun), Osama bin Ladin.

Check this space in the year 2010 to find out who's receiving the selfless aid of the 121- (or 109-, depending upon whether you believe the Weekly World News or the Sun)-year-old hometown boy from Braunau-am-Inn.

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