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Proof: Bill Gates is from outer space

Did you ever think there was something a little "different" about Bill Gates?

Sure, we knew he was funny-looking. But we didn't think he was other-worldly funny-looking. Just ordinary, earthly funny-looking.

Then we saw this car air freshener. Alien imagery has become passe, of course, but we find it interesting to note that the "alien" message (below)

is actually just the phrase "Welcome aboard" as filtered through Microsoft's "Symbol" font, which transliterates English characters into Greek. (If you're using MS-Windows, try the experiment for yourself.)

Now, it's one thing for an earthling to rule the world. But a goldanged ALIEN, I mean, C'MON people, let's DO something! STOP BILL GATES! BOYCOTT MICROSOFT!

(Note: This page prepared using the Microsoft Windows operating system.)

(Donated by Carrie S., 2000)