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Big huge, gaudy costume ring

(This was just too good to leave in Ravers. -- DoC)

Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001
From: babs
Subject: also

oooh i forgot to tell you i had my first bar fight last weekend. it was soooo fun. i am such a brute.

so i am at mickeys hangover friday night with my friend daphne enjoying a cocktail waiting patiently for french fries.... while waiting at the french fry counter some idiot guys start trying to converse with me. i am amiable, polite, not too nice though, you know just polite-stranger stuff. then as i am paying for my long-awaited french fries... one of the guys stuck a big wad of gum in my hair and i lost it. i think he thought i would giggle or maybe even run away crying. but he did not expect me to snap - i assure you.

i yanked the whole wad out of my hair, yanking a number of hairs out with it and twisted, gnarled and weaved it into his long bangs. the whole time i was yelling in his face about how people ought to be treated and that he was a little pussy and he's lucky i didn't kick his punk ass right then.

i then walked to the other side of the patio with my french fries. he is shocked. i kept me eyes on him and then noticed he was coming after me. our eyes were locked as he came through the crowd and i knew based on what my father had told me before my first fight at school what i had to do. (He had told me that i should never start a fight, but if one is coming it hurts a lot more when it gets you in the back - so don't run - he said hit first, hit hard, hit the face and do not stop hitting until you are stopped because if someone got the chance to hit me, with me being so little it would be all she wrote) i came through the crowd to him to hit first and he threw his drink on me. before the cup hit the floor though i popped him right in the face as hard as i could then the crowd swallowed him and threw him out before it continued. the best part is that i was wearing a big huge, gaudy costume ring and it split his cheek.

oh my! it was soooooo funny.

so funny

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