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I know. I shall call them PING ... and PONG. Yes.
Ping and Pong, the Ping-Pong Playing Pandas. Perfect.

Pocket ping-pong paddles pooh-pooh pocket pool.

Startle your opponent into helpless mesmeristical ping-pong confusion with this intriguing ninja-inspired over-the-breast design.
What is it? What does it mean??
KA-CHOOM, ball flies right past you.
You are humiliated.

[Mesmeristical®, Ping-Pong Confusion®, and KA-CHOOM® are Registered® Trademarks® of Ping® and Pong®, the Ping-Pong Playing Pandas®. All rights reserved. ®®®.]

Ping-Pong robe

Everyone needs a ping-pong robe.

If this is not Excellent Active Super Amusive Play, I don't know what is.

Wait, no, of course I do.

(Gracias to Carrie)