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The magic brightness of Barf

Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003
From: Sabrina
Subject: Barf brand soap (no joke)

Hi Deuce!
I've just visited your web site for the first time today and was throroughly entertained. Being from Tempe, AZ I greatly appreciated the mountain monograms. I have attached some images of a product I used all this summer while I worked on a paleoanthropological excavation in the Republic of Georgia.

Barf is real.

how often i have made joyous affirmation of that truth.
I thought you (all?) would enjoy these images.
very much so. calls to mind the new mexico gas station BAR-F.
Why does English not have a plural for the second person?
at one time, it did (thou & thee were singular; ye and you were plural).
hochste lust!