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Renaissance Dumbass.

Dumbass Burt Reynolds's
Dumb Ass

Here's the breezy, faux-falutin' drivel some 1972 copywriter came up with for a jigsaw puzzle of Burt Reynolds's stupid naked butt:

Big Burt

The nude is one of our remaining links with classic disciplines. Man has been taking his clothes off since he began wearing them. The naked human body has long been the central subject of art.

And now -- an art puzzle introducing actor Burt Reynolds as Renaissance Man. He's alert, versatile, eager for fame. He has a reckless individualistic spirit, set on developing all his potential capabilities. For the first time anywhere, Gemini Puzzles for Pleasure has made it possible for Burt to successfully defy convention and express his personality in puzzle form.

We invite you to join his legacy of esthetic sensitivity -- piece by piece.

"Renaissance Man?" My ass.

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