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Finally! Got a working payphone for my own booth. For cheap, too!

The Mojave Phone Booth is gone ... but the Mojave Phone Booth Glass lives on!

The Booth is gone

No, that wasn't anyone from Deuce of Clubs on the Art Bell show recently. (As if anyone here would believe in UFOs, for god's sake.)

NEW! Booth Goes For Brokaw

Lorene's family is selling t-shirts and caps to help cover the costs of their battle with the government. You can buy them at http://www.mojave-phone-booth.com/

Park Rangers Declare War on the Booth

It's no secret that the National Park Service does not like the Booth, but our ever-vigilant National Park Service rangers are now going above and beyond vigilance, according to the following report from a recent Booth visitor:
"The park ranger picked up all your quartz stones removing the aerial phone number..."
If you're phoning the Booth, why not phone the Mojave's park rangers while you're at it? You can thank them for the wonderful job they're doing, protecting the public from phone numbers spelled out in quartz. May the gods save us from phone numbers spelled out in quartz! (They're probably just retaliating because people are contacting the politicians concerning the Park Service's shameful behavior towards the owners of the Cima Mine.)
Mojave National Preserve Desert Information Center
72157 Baker Blvd./ PO Box 241
Baker, CA 92309
MOJA_Administration@nps.gov; MOJA_Chief_Ranger@nps.gov; MOJA_Baker_Interp@nps.gov
Sheez, next thing you know, they'll be on the warpath against Mountain Monograms.

I received a LOT of e-mails about the recent Mojave earthquake. Don't panic: the Booth survived the quake just fine.

A soon-to-be-released independent film, Dead Line, was shot on location at the Booth. It will debut in Las Vegas in December. See the Fiercely Independent site for more details.

Monday, 01 November 1999: The Phone has been repaired. (Turns out it was the receiver that was stolen.) Here's the on-scene report from Austria:
From: Martin G.
Subject: call answered at 21:30 GMT -phone repaired - just reached a technican at the phone
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999

Well i almost can't believe it! my call to the mojave phone was answered just some 5 minutes ago! the lady answered the call with "mojave phone" and i almost quit the call because i thought someone ripped me off, but she really told me that she was a technican from some firm and she was reparing the handset because someone has stolen it. ( i thought thewhole phone was stolen??!!) the second thing she said was "you didn't really think you would reach someone" and i had to say yes. call as fast as possible - mayby she's still there!!! the call lasted for 1:12 Mins. and i only told her that i was from austria....(the quality was good!!)

martin from austria

25 October: The Phone has been stolen from The Booth, according to an unconfirmed report:

From: Steve
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999

Hi Deuce:

My friend and I visited the Mojave Desert Phone Booth today Oct. 25, 1999. We got stuck in the sand, but Charlie Wilcox came to our rescue. He took us through his property to the phone booth, only to find that some jerk had ripped out the phone. There was no phone there.

In about 3 weeks we plan to go back and spend a night there. Charlie said he would let us know when the booth had been repaired.

Thought you would like to know.

It had to happen, I suppose. There has been WAY too much attention, WAY too many people going out there, and there are WAY too many jerks in the world.

I don't know at this time whether Pac-Bell will replace the phone. Maybe it's better if they don't. The people of the Mojave can get back to the lives they bargained for when they moved out to the remote desert....

YOU can help save Lorene's mine!

The Booth seems to be inspiring commercials these days. Here's a phone company commercial. See what you think. Soon, I'll be adding a long-distance company's commercial that also seems suspiciously familiar.

Yes! The July 99 Booth visit will be documented here in due course. (Which means, sometime soon.) (Which means ... )


This is from the cover of an upcoming graphic novel by Italian writer Ade Capone (of the "Lazarus Ledd" series). Check the reflection in the guy's sunglasses. Ade writes:

"I think you will be glad to know that your site about the Mojave booth has inspired me a story (Heartbreakers Motel) that will be published here in September. The story begins with the satellite vision of the booth, and goes on with the camera nearing from far above to the desert and the phone. And suddenly, in the silent wilderness, the phone rings... I define this story as a mix of Zabriskie Point (the movie by Antognoni) and Pulp Fiction. Every month Lazarus Ledd is read by about 100,000 comic books fans. Thanks to Lazarus, I received the Award as Best Italian scriptwriter."

If you use a touchtone phone, the last four digits of the Mojave Phone Booth number (9969) sound like "Stronger Than Dirt."

"This place is kinda like a Bermuda Triangle for cars." -- Ann Archer's character in Mojave Moon