Current MP3 Want List

Trading is smiled upon. If you have something on the list, maybe I have something on yours.

Here's for what I'm a-lookin':

Gangsta Zoli, "The Whiskey Robber Is the King"
Randy Kiss - "Streets of Laredo" (Ice Cream Mix)

From Lone Hero. Good song. Bad film.


Johnny & Jackie -- "Someday We'll Be Together"

Johnny Bristol and Jackie Beavers co-wrote this song with Harvey Fuqua. Jackie & Johnny recorded it in 1962, but it wasn't until 1969 that it became a huge hit for Diana Ross (sans the Supremes, despite what the record jacket said), with the late Johnny Bristol singing impromptu encouragement in the background.

tomandandy -- Theme from TV Nation

TV Nation was Michael Moore's newsmagazine parody show from the mid-1990s. One of the best things about it was its theme song, which was composed by tomandandy after Moore told them it should sound like "a cross between Metallica and the Leave It to Beaver theme song." It doesn't. It sounds a hundred times better than that.

Waylon Jennings -- "Streets of Laredo"

This is from a live set way back before fame came to Ol' Waylon (may he R.I.P.).

The Nuns -- "It's a Dream"

The desired version is from this (former) San Francisco band's Rumania album -- *not* the inferior version from the later Desperate Children album. (Maitresse Jennifer, Nuns lead singer, says, "Yes, the original one was MUCH better, I hate the one on Desperate Children!! God I hate my songs so much sometimes. Anyway, that was on an ALBUM made of vinyl called Rumania or Romania on Jem Records which is out of print and like an idiot I was too stupid to make a copy of the master!!! 1986 it came out, yes, the year I was born! Amazing isn't it? But if you can find it in a specialty goth/independent kind of store, it is around somewhere.") Ms. Jennifer asked me to send her an mp3 of it, should I come into possession of one, which I did and I did. R.I.P. Jennifer Miro

Weekend Players - "I'll Be There" (Radio Edit)

This is a tough one. It played a long time on Phoenix's KNRJ, but I can't find the radio edit they played anywhere. It features electronically chopped-up vocals. I think the playing time might be 3:44, but I'm not sure.
(Turned out to be the Soul Mekaniks remix)

"Estaciones En El Sol": -- Thanks to Geoffrey H.

This is a Spanish-language version of the sappy old Terry Jacks song "Seasons in the Sun" that I heard on the radio ("Ciento cinco PUNto nueve: PURo MEXico!") one day. I think it might be by Ana y Jaime, but I'm not sure. I am sure that I would be happy to hear any Spanish-language versions of "Seasons in the Sun" whatsoever.

Elektrics -- "Some Lovin' Tonight" -- Thanks to Geoffrey H.

Another K15 favorite, only recently identified by name by DoC pal Johnny D.

Rakit - "Rage Power" -- Thanks to Geoffrey H.

From the Soul Survivor soundtrack. Pretty good song, really bad movie.

Bongos -- "Mambo Sun" -- Thanks to Bob and Hoboken

I don't know why a T. Rex cover should be this hard to find. But it has been. Sounds as good as I remember (though of course it can't be expected to beat the Marc Bolan original).

Wednesday Week -- "Missionary" -- Thanks again to Geoffrey H.

(Not "Missionary," by the Eurythmics; not "Wednesday Week" by Elvis Costello; nor even "Wednesday Week" by The Undertones.)

Josie Cotton -- "Gina" -- Kindly provided by Geoffrey H.

I'd ask Josie herself, but she's probably still in hiding because of "Johnny, Are You Queer?"

Willie Nelson -- "I Guess I've Come To Live Here In Your Eyes" Kindly provided by Pat G.

From the Honeysuckle Rose soundtrack. Good song, bad movie.
(Any other of Willie's numbers from that soundtrack would be welcome, also.)

Dee Dee King - "Baby Doll" -- Kindly provided by Ryan B.

The Pixies may have invented soft verse / loud chorus, and Nirvana may have beaten that trope into the ground, but over in a dark corner somewhere Dee Dee King (nee Ramone) was trying to perfect the sweet chorus harmonies / wretched solo vocal verse pattern. And succeeded. Pure ear-chewing pleasure.

Doc Starkes & the Nightriders -- "Looking for My Baby" -- Thanks to Geoffrey H.

I don't know anything about this except that it's the original of the Detroit Cobras cover (as "Ya Ya").

The following cuts from the out-of-print Rough Trade compilation Lipstick Traces, which was released (in Australia, at any rate) as a sort of companion to Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century (which ought to be read by everyone).

3 : TRISTAN TZARA, MARCEL JANCO, RICHARD HUELSENBECK: "L 'Amiral cherche une maison a louer."
6 : THE ROXY, LONDON: Ambience.
7 : JEAN-LOUIS BRAU: "Instrumentation Verbale (Face 2)."
10: RAOUL HAUSMANN: "phoneme bbbb."
13: KLEENEX: "U (angry side)."
14: GUY DEBORD: Excerpt from soundtrack to Critique de la separation (Dansk- Fransk Experimentalfilmskompagni, 1961).
15: CLASH: Stage talk, Roundhouse, London, 23 September 1976.
18: PETER BLEGVAD, et al: "rohrenhose- rokoko-neger-rhythmus."
20: KLEENEX: "You (friendly side)."
21: GIL J. WOLMAN: "Megapneumies, 24 Mars 1963 (Face 1)."
23: GUY DEBORD: Excerpt from soundtrack to Hurlements en faveur de Sade.
24: MARIE OSMOND: "Karawane."
26: MEKONS: "The Building."
-- All kindly -- nay, heroically -- provided by Geoffrey H.