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This time, however, Fingers was more than ready, which you can easily tell by his girly sunglasses as the Five Mile Men pose beside the tree stump I accidentally pulled up with my loaded-down truck's undercarriage. I'd been meaning to get rid of that stump on purpose, but sometimes by accident works just as well.

"MENU CAN TRUST" -- the Elf's shirt can't spell, but it don't lie.

Gila Mon once again proved his trustworthiness by forcing his way into my house after I managed to lock the key inside. For this, he was dubbed "Breaks Into Houses." (Later, after he busted something else, his name was adjusted to the more general "Breaks Stuff.")

The Five Mile Men (Burf, Gila Mon, & Fingers) to the rescue.

Absorbent readers will recall the Oracular Journey and the valiant Five Mile Men. Some of you may even recall Fingers (on the right) in his former role as "Friend Who Did Not Want to Ride."