Oracular Journey
At the second 5-mile check point, I pull up to find Burford acting out the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Burford's stick didn't turn into a spaceship.
To fill the time between my 5-mile checkpoint arrivals, Burford & Gail have voluntarily taken upon themselves a mission. Sure, they could sit around and watch the clouds roll by. Instead, they've been keeping their eyes to the ground. Their mission, as they have defined it, is to find a Marlboro Five Mile Award for each 5 miles I travel. They have, accordingly, changed their team appellation.

The back story: Couchbound at Burford's the previous evening, after the rain-soaked first day debacle, we watched as Bob Saget made yet another weak joke on yet another weak rerun of AFHV: "Arnold Palmer had Arnie's Army. I have Saget's"--here came a portentious pause--"Maggots." Burford suggested that in their next day's capacity as chase team, he and Gail should be dubbed "Danneels' Spaniels". (Or, alternatively, the Sobakawa Team -- because it was discovered that all three of us are responsive to infomercialism.) And so it was.

Until the second 5-Mile Checkpoint, where they became:The Five Mile Men.

But they could have ended up with another name:

[From the official Five Mile Men microcassette trip record]

Burford: Remember yesterday when you said it was time for our lives to change?
Gail: Yeah.
Burford: We've become trash pickers.
Gail: We are trash pickers. [Door opens] Let's go get 'em, boys!

Overcome with garbage-picking elation, Gail exclaims: "Bicycling is COOL!"

(How perfect is it that, when he's not picking trash, Gail works at a mental instutution?)