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The Enchanted Forest is next door to Thrillville, U.S.A.

Wouldn't it almost have to be?

We got to The Enchanted Forest only twenty minutes before closing, but the girl at the counter wouldn't give us any kind of a break. "If you're going to stay for the whole twenty minutes, you have to pay the whole seven dollars." Brother.

I asked the NEFG (Nazi Enchanted Forest Girl) where I could get a cup of coffee, she said inside the Enchanted Forest was the Jolly Roger diner, I asked her if I could just go in and get a cup and leave and she again was very hesitant, she said "only if your going in, getting coffee and coming right out!" I promised I wouldn't look at anything or have any fun on my way to get coffee, but she still didn't seem ok with it, so we left.
I decided that in spite of the uncongenial atmosphere, I'd go ahead & spend some tourista bucks on doodads, like this deck of Enchanted Forest playing cards.
I also bought a tiny palm-reading book (this way for more on palms), a calculator to calculate how Enchanted we were (not very), and a "Red Army Knife" (note: not a Red Army knife.