Before we found the gypsy graves, Fake Wagner found the world's first honest tombstone.
Now there's a real Ouspenskaya-style gypsy, right there. RIP to the werewolf's friend.
The King. And we didn't even have to go to Memphis.
Wally the Gypsy. Less than awe-inspiring.

(Now we'll end up with gypsy curses, all of us. But, speaking for myself, how would I know the difference?)

Ok, here's the amazing thing -- and this is NO lie -- I had JUST finished writing that and noticed it was getting warm in the room. Turns out ... the air conditioning had gone out! I am not kidding.

It's fixed now, but I must apologize to Wally the Gypsy. You have indeed inspired awe. Or something very much like it. My hat is off to you. (Mostly because it's still HOT IN HERE!)