This was a great show: cartoons that either scooped Disney, mocked Disney, or stole from Disney.
Fake Wagner addresses the crowd, which turns ugly and addresses Mickey Mouse.
We went to a grocery store for sweets. In front was this security guard, with a phone to one ear, and a walkie-talkie to the other. I didn't get the camera out fast enough, but I thought maybe I could get her to re-enact it. So we drove up beside her & I asked her to hold Fake Wagner. She complied. But then I realized that if she held F.W., she wouldn't be able to hold her two phones. So I asked her to put F.W. on the ground. She complied. Then I asked her to put her phone to her ear and act as though she were talking. She complied. Then I asked her to do the same with the walkie-talkie. She complied. "Smile!" She complied. She was one compliant security officer.

You can see Fake Wag's left shoulder in the lower left of this scan. That's gen-yoo-ine photo composition, that there is.

Then we went to the Rose Test gardens. There were busloads of tourists to gape at. Cupcake told us stories from her hellion high school days and showed us the best makeout bushes.


Then for some reason Cupcake and Deuce tired of my "arms are for hugging" phrase (don't ask me why but I kept repeating that all weekend) and they hugged me, I screamed and screamed but no one came to help me, I feel violated, they will pay for this, I'm still feeling nauseated.

We then drove to some suicide bridge so Deuce could take another Fake Wag picture.

Rosaria: The fine people who bring us all those taco shells.

(Amy...? Is there a mandible involved here?)