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Monday we visited a candy store to see the chocolate waterfall. Like last time we tried, however, it was broken.

They had a heater hanging right in the chocolate, powered by an extension cord that ran all over the place. That can't be sanitary.

Wasn't the point of Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall that the chocolate was mixed without human hands?

Willy Wonka this ain't.

(Sure, maybe they don't use the chocolate that runs through the waterfall. But you never know.)

There were chocolate splatters everywhere. The carpet was soaked with the stuff. Suddenly, I was in the mood for hard candy instead.
Here's an image (from their official postcard) of what the chocolate waterfall looks like when it's running.

Guess we'll take their word for it; after all, those chocolate splatters didn't just come out of nowhere.

"I [heart] OREGON" -- saltwater taffy, beaverland-style.
Bugs Bunny puts an idea into the head of Fake Wagner. (Not that this is difficult.)