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We decided to go whitewater rafting.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

We were told not to wear cotton. Cotton will soak up water and suck up heat. It won't dry. You'll be cold.

No cotton?!?

I live in the desert. Everything I wear is cotton!

I hunted around the closet & finally found three things that weren't cotton:

  1. A uniform jersey from the Orwellian-sounding "Department of Corrections." We call them prison guards. I decide not to wear this because I know someone who works at the state prison who says if you wear a prison uniform in the Miami-Superior area you're likely to get yourself beat up, knifed, or worse. (Superior is where the movie U-Turn was filmed. The townsfolk were not pleased by the final product, in which Superior residents -- they actually used the name of the town in the film -- give manifold expression to their heartfelt desire to get the hell OUT of Superior.)

  2. A Stuckey's uniform jersey finagled out of a young Stuckey's employee by my persuasive pal Shantel a couple years back.

  3. A non-descript polyester thing I got from Buffalo Exchange.
I go with the latter.
I decided to shoot a photo at the staging area, in case one or more of my companions didn't make it back.
Here's our launching point on the upper Salt River, near the bridge just above Globe. The Salt was running extremely fast and rough, much more than usual because of extra snow country runoff caused by El Niño (yep, gotta jump on that El Niño blaming bandwagon!).