We were rafting with an outfit called Far-Flung Adventures. I wasn't flung far -- but I was definitely flung.
We weren't supposed to venture into "Cap'n Crunch," a treacherous "hole" in the river. Naturally, we ended up going right through it.
At the bottom of the hole the raft was jolted violently. It was as if a giant boot gave a great kick to the bottom of the boat right under where I was sitting. My dumb ass flew into the air and out of the raft.
Before we began, they told us if we got dumped from the boat we should point our feet downriver and just float. "Make SURE you can see your feet," they emphasized. That way, you don't get a foot caught under a rock and drown.
On the right is the raft; on the left is me. See how well I follow directions? You can definitely see my feet.

(Not that I could.)

It's weird -- until I saw the video, I thought I went straight up in the air, then into the water feet first.