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Jack Diggle's House of Menagerie

Joshua & Heather host a number of creatures at their southern California digs. These are some, or perhaps most of them.

Photos mostly by Joshua


Behold! One-Eyed Jack Diggle:


One-Eyed Jack is a Chinese Crested Hairless dog. That's 'cos he don't gots none hairs. Well, very few, by any reasonable standard.

Jack Diggle lost an eye in the Puppy Wars. But he doesn't like to talk about those days. He prefers to set his snout toward the future. He is a forward-looking one-eyed dog.

Sometimes Chinese Crested Hairless dogs win contests, such as the "Ugliest Dog in the World" contest in Petaluma, California. That is an outrage. See for yourself. Behold! (Again!) The Beauty! That is! One! Eyed! Jack! Diggle!

Jack isn't technically among the "working" dogs, but he tries to help out, when he can.

Helping, helping, helping, says Jack.

Okay, done helping now, Jack declares. You may move along now.

Here is Crocodile, the Penthouse Cat. Crocodile doesn't come downstairs much because of Chuk Chuk, an evil cat who for some reason was not photographed with Wagner. See how lovingly—even wonderingly—Crocodile gazes at Die Meister. Either that or Crocodile is practicing classic misdirection, so as to draw attention away from the Grand Illusion, which the untrained eye may mistake for common cat throw-up. Silly untrained eye!

Kittyhawk was saved from a nestless grave and decided to stay on and make friends with whoever would be friends. This includes computer monitors.

Fortunately for Wagner, it also includes statues of dead composers.

If I have seen farther, Kittyhawk humbly states, it is only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.

Also, adds Kittyhawk, cats. One can stand upon cats, as well.

Right you are, Kittyhawk. (The cat in this instance is Cactus, who, as you can see, is far less prickly than the name might suggest.)

This is exactly like one of those classic portraits of the Old West (except for the presence of the animals).

A couple of hard cases

Say! says One-Eyed Jack Diggle. Smelling things is kind of fun!

That's a fine idea, Jackie Boy. Let's have a smell break. We'll all just smell each other.

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