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Switcheroo: Reasons Not to Direct Link Images

Reason #4: The object of your affection may shift


On another message board someone's pulling an Ute Lemper photo for a discussion, if it can be called that, concerning "which 80's music artists we wish we could've slept with":

Now that's just asking for it. Apart from the insult to Ms. Lemper (who isn't exactly associated with the 80s, anyway), there was still the lesson to be learned: Do not link to images on someone else's server.

But who should the poster lust after instead? Hrmm... I did find a naked Rosie O'Donnell, but even my cruelty has its limits. The Cardhouse Robot suggested, "Dude, that is TOTALLY a job for SLIM WAGNER" -- but Slim W. already had his own job to do (on which, more later). Then the perfect solution suggested itself: substitute an advertisement for a little-appreciated portion of Deuce of Clubs:

Ahhhh, zee whiskers, zey are zee beautee-ful, no?

As a bonus, it turned out that someone else was direct linking to the same Lemper image, yielding two-for-one Switcheroo Aktion:

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