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Switcheroo: Reasons Not to Direct Link Images

Reason 22: You could get stuck with the last guy's naked hairy guy image

Some time ago, this French site direct-linked an image. Instead of performing a Switcheroo, however, I merely renamed the image "do_not_direct_link_this_graphic.gif." I figured they were maybe mad at Bush or something, so instead of an obnoxious Switcheroo, I decided to let them find just a broken image, and maybe they'd figure it out. But, no.

In the interim, they've come back to my site and direct-linked the image aGAIN.

Here's the image tag from the French site. Maybe it's the language barrier, but they didn't get my hint:

Because I had some handy from a few minutes ago, the Frenchies can have some cock soup, too:

We'll see whether they figure out Babelfish this time.

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