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Nancy Sinatra

The Hit Years



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Another great Rhino compilation. The cream of the genre-hopping Nancy Sinatra ("Sugar Town," "Love Eyes," "Somethin' Stupid" "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"), most written by Lee Hazlewood. Also included are several specimens of what can only be called "country-western psychedelia" ("Summer Wine," "Lady Bird," "Some Velvet Morning"), a genre invented and exploited only by former Coolidge, Arizona DJ Lee Hazlewood. Unfortunately, the prime example -- "Sand" (memorably covered a few years ago by Einsturzende Neubaten) -- was left off this CD. But you do get Nancy's trip into fuzzboxland with "Lightnin's Girl" (yep, another Hazlewood creation), which features the deathless line, "Better stop your groovin' round another rooster's hen!"

The booklet has some real nice photos, that might make you think that if someone's gonna pose for Playboy, it shouldn't be three decades too late.


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