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Gold Tone

Gold Tone Banjolele Deluxe

AKA: Edward de Vere's Authorship of the Shakespearian Oeuvre
AKA: Lonny
AKA: Tony Soprano


Of all my ukuleles, this one has the strongest case and is therefore often called Edward de Vere's Authorship of the Shakespearian Oeuvre. Of course, you don't want to be stuck yelling that mouthful out the front door every evening when it's time for all good banjoleles to stop playing & come home for supper, so . . .

. . . instead, it is called Lonny.

Think it through. Google it. You will figure it out.

Lonny has a classic banjo look. With this in your hand you could have faked your way past the industry-standard security on the set of Hee Haw.

Lonny Deluxe is distinguished from the Lonny non-Deluxe mainly by its resonator. Other features: maple neck, ebony fretboard, fine Corinthian leather, blah blah blah—well & good, but what I don't know about is all the fleur-de-lis stuff on a banjolele. It can't signify "whatever you desire," because what I would desire would be no fleurs-de-lis on a banjolele. It's just common sense. Is this a banjolele or a Nudie suit?

So far, all of my ukes but one are sopranos, but Lonny is the Tony Soprano. Just take a look at that big pot! I know, technically, that's the resonator, not the pot. But it should be the pot. I know we can agree on this.


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