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Johnson Metal Body Resonator Ukulele


Oh, now we're talkin', & the buggy's a-rockin'.

The metal that comprises metal body resonator instruments gives it a pleasant ringing tone. Not like a phone. Different kind of ringing. You'd have to hear it. But for now, imagine metal.
Only: ringing.

Metal body resonator instruments are also some of the most beautiful around.

Unfortunately, I'm not the photographer who's going to be able to show you that beauty.

Which is to say: quality missed its ride today, so heeeeeeeere's quantity!

And heeeeeeeere's what gives a resonator instrument its name and its unique sound.

(Psst. Resonator.)

Like Lydia the Tatooed Lady, sweet etching covers its body.

Even the back is decorated. (For a small additional charge, Lydia will show you hers.)

This is something you don't see much of: a bony fretboard.
Oh. Ebony. Sorry.

The headstock's overlay is what they call "pearloid." And damned fine pearloid it is, whatever pearloid is.

Comes in a sturdy travel case. Again, like Lydia the Tattooed Lady.

It is said that the National company makes a finer metal resonator ukulele. That is probably true, but I'd say go with the Johnson if you're strapped for cash or, like me, you're a ukulele goober who probably wouldn't notice the difference yet, anyway.

(I have noticed, however, that I seem to be naming my ukuleles after lost Marx Brothers. I'll fix that. I'm out of lost Marx Brothers anyway. I shall begin the next phase with names of shyster lawyers of the non-Flywheel variety.)


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