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Pay your respects to local religious customs.

One night we made a pilgrimage down to Douglas to visit the Aparición de Virgin de Guadalupe de Calentador de Agua.

The truly, truly devout make pilgrimages on their knees. But we were in a hurry. Plus there are scorpions. Be reasonable.

Instead, we had Mexican food, then strolled down the street to the house with the glass-encased, virgin-festooned water heater in the front yard.

No mistaking it. That's the Virgin de Guadalupe, alright.

Blessed Virgin without Water Heater

(Not Actual Size)

The woman who lived in the house wanted to know about Wagner, but I don't have enough Spanish to explain Wagner. Frankly, I don't think I have enough English to explain Wagner. Finally I had to resort to the word loco.

She admonished me for saying so. In the eyes of the Caretaker of the Water Heater Virgin, I am not loco. Let it be noted.

Then she took Wagner in her hands, looked him over carefully, noting his many non-factory crags, and said one of my favorite Spanish words: "Ay, Pobrecito!"

For the most part, though, I'd say Wagner is a pretty lucky Pobrecito.

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