Day-twah Vogg-nah
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Wagner musters a platoon of vacuum cleaners beside the O.J. House.
Some sort of ironic statement lurks here.
Update, 19may2006: Karen De Coster over at explains that this work of Tyree Guyton's is:

. . . a local, urban art project near Poletown in Detroit, Michigan. This particular display is called the "Oval Office" by the artist. The significance of the numerous, old vacuum cleaners is that the job of those in power - government - is to suck the life blood from individuals seeking freedom. If you look close you'll note the decapitated heads and whatnot hanging off of the vacuums. The shoes signify the "souls" of people being sucked away by government oppression.

We must have missed the explanatory plaque.

There is no ironic statement here.
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A chopper hovered overhead, trying to make sense of it all.

(Poster on a tree outside the O.J. House)
The chopper was early. The project is not scheduled to make sense for some time.


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