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"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Phoenix, 1998: Wagner protests the use of money forcibly seized from private individuals (people unfortunate enough to live in Maricopa County) to build yet another giant stadium (Bank One Ballpark) named after yet another giant corporation (Bank One, duh) for yet another privately owned sports team (the Arizona Diamondbacks), by means of a protest sign he found stuck in the ground right there at the construction site. Handy!

(Naturally, the effectual, fervent prayer of this righteous dead composer dude availed for exactly jack squat, no more than did the will of the voters. Though the use of their earnings to build a stadium to benefit other people was soundly voted down by those who were being demanded to pay for it, political and corporate thieves found a way to force them to pay anyway.

For more on this charming -- and widespread -- practice, see: Field of Schemes).


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