Wagner joins Lady Kathy onstage at her leaving town bash at Anderson Fair.
The Nelsons provide 16mm educational entertainment: films about volcanos, brains, oil, and the future world of 1999--starring TV's Wink Martindale!
Then it's off to Warren's, where we saw Tommy Tune...
...and Wagner communed with a statue of Sam Houston and a signed poster of Liberace.

(Apparently, the late Warren was rather taken with Liberace.)

Sam Houston had several things in common with Wagner:
  • the nineteenth century
  • under-the-jaw beard arrangements
  • scars from having their heads glued back on
When I asked the bartender for permission to photograph their statue with mine, she said it was no problem, but that I should be careful. "Sure thing," I said, turning to leave and knocking a barstool loudly to the floor, garnering the stares of the whole place. "That was just for practice," I assured her. Then I fell down as I was getting up off the floor after taking the photo. Clearly, it was time to leave.

Not that it was time to call it a night, mind you...

Our dollar well-spent Warren's jukebox soundtrack: Nat King Cole ("Nature Boy"), Glenn Miller (forgot which one), Duke Ellington ("Mood Indigo"), and Patsy Cline ("Sweet Dreams").