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Dr. Brody Culpepper delivered an informative lecture at the California Academy of Sciences on the subject of Bird Conservation in New Zealand, beginning with a slide of the front page of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post of 13 Jan 2003:


Can there be enough headlines like that? I ask you.

Things I Learned from Doctor Brody:

  1. Stuff goes extinct.
  2. Sometimes this is the fault of dumb people, of which there are, it seems, more than one would think necessary.
  3. New Zealanders, Doctor Brody emphasizes, are smarter than Americans.
  4. Possums (introduced into New Zealand by British people -- than whom New Zealanders are smarter also) are the furry incarnations of apocalyptic evil.

    But I was most surprised to learn of:

  5. The extinction of Maurice Gibb. When did this happen? I mean, sometime around 13 Jan 2003, clearly, but more to the point: how was I not apprised of this? Have I really fallen that far out of the dead Bee Gee loop?
The Hortative Stylings of Dr. Brody Culpepper, Occasionally Sober Scientist.

That is, he seemed sober on this occasion.

(At left: Sober Reminder of Possumic Evil.)

Trust Dr. Brody for all your extinction needs.

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