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HERE WE ARE, STROLLING INTO NUTTY MUSEUM Hollywood: We were going in to Amoeba Records, just to get a free paper to get the showtimes for Blind Spot.

So I thought. But we ended up walking up & down Sunset a while. We pass an "Anti-Psychology Museum." I'm urged to go in, but resist; this looks like a Scientology front organization. On the way back, however, I give in.

We asked the receptionist what the dillio and when she mentioned Szasz (Thomas Szasz, long-time critic of psychotherapy), I relaxed some, even though she did have the classic Scientology Gleam in her eye and seemed absurdly interested in talking to us. (Why do we men trust beautiful women? I have made this mistake in larger contexts. Clearly, I find it difficult to profit from past errors.)

We went through the exhibits and were on our way out when the receptionist and another employee told us we'd missed "the Conclusion." So we go over there and -- of course -- it's about L. Ron Hubbard.

On Szasz vs. Scientology


Outside, Pete asked, "How did you know?"

It was the graphics, Pete. No mistaking Scientology graphics.

So that was surprising, but even more surprising is this: because I thought we were only going to look for a paper to get showtimes for Blind Spot, I had left Wagner in the car. Which is why no Scientology Squoosh Museum photos.

In addition (or rather subtraction), no photo of a bumper sticker of the Thrush Muffler bird. I've looked on the web for a scan of this logo (more or less the tattoo sported by HI in Raising Arizona), which an ex-gf had stupidly gotten tatooed on her back when she was drunk in Mexico & which up until I set the record straight she had thought was Woody Woodpecker & which had blurred in a mere two years like some retired merchant marine's cheap-ass squiggly South Sea island hut tattoo artist's tattoo job which, while it didn't look as bad as a prison tattoo, was still worth removing, especially if "I did it for the experience of the pain" is a genuine reason to get a tattoo in the first place. Cos, ouch.

(per WAGNER)
Lesson: Wagner will punish the ride-along denied.

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